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Sorrento train station

If you are flying into Naples airport and expecting an easy journey down to Sorrento then you can think again. You have probably done your research and found that Sorrento has its own central station so getting there should be relatively easy - until you find out that, unlike most other major European airports, Naples airport is completely unconnected to a main line station, a local station, or even a metro line that can take you to a station. So what do you do?

Your choices are three fold. If you are dripping in cash then obviously take a taxi from outside the airport.

Otherwise you can either take the local bus to Naples central station and from there take a train to Sorrento, or take the coach directly - minus Pompeii and a few miscellaneous stops for the locals.

The bus and coach stops are found directly outside the main entrance to the Airport, however once you have  been through passport control and picked up your luggage you may well find that you have exited the building through some random side entrance.

If this is the case, then the first thing you must do is orientate yourself and walk back towards the main Airport entrance.

The coach and bus stops are directly in front of it.

The sensible option, at least in my opinion, is to take the coach. You will be able to recognize it as it will have the Curreri Viaggi logo on it.

If you are still not sure, then using a clear, loud voice - and making a point to speak slowly - you can always project the words 'SORRENTO YES?' towards the driver who should nod his head and/or say the word 'Yes' back to you in an Italian accent.

If he says no then you are on the wrong coach - maybe even an unloading lorry!

Once you have found the right coach you will be expected to load your bags on yourself - check with the driver first to see which side of the coach he wants them put.

Now you will need to pay the driver for the ticket before you find a seat. He will chase after you if you get on without paying.

The cost of the ticket is 10 Euros one way, and the journey to Sorrento will take about an hour and a half depending on the stops.

Be aware that if you miss your coach then you may need to wait another couple of hours before the next one turns up.

The time table is currently 9.00am, 11.00am, 1.00pm, 2.30pm, 4.30pm and then the last coach at 7.30pm.

Don't forget to change your watch to local time or you will spent the entire day missing coaches.

One more thing. Even though the coaches will have some rudimentary air conditioning system installed, if you are travelling any time outside of winter season then make sure you take time out to change in to shorts and lightweight footwear before you board the bus.

If you don't then your feet are at risk of cooking themselves inside your shoes. This is not a joke, you have been warned!

Having hot feet can be a serious condition to sensitive souls.
See what I did there?
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